Gabrielle Bell Interviewed at Big Other

We should’ve posted this a few days ago. A really great interview with Gabrielle Bell appeared at the Big Other. The conversation goes over a variety of topics including The Voyeurs. Here’s a brief excerpt:

What kind of changes did you have to make while adapting your online material for a print collection?

I did a lot of editing of the narrating and dialogue, reworded sentences, took out many extraneous words and sentences. Sometimes I took out whole panels, sometimes added whole ones in. I think working in film taught me not to be afraid to freely edit.

When did you begin using the six-panel grid as your go-to way to structure a page?

I suppose it started with my autobiographical comics, in my first Lucky minicomics. That’s when the storytelling really began to take precedent over the art.

Do you find that you can rely on this format for a certain kind of timing, or to tell a certain kind of story?

I don’t really think about it that much. It does give me a flexibility, though, to add in and remove panels, which is important to me.

Read the rest of the interview here.

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