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weekly report 10/13/11

Diary by Gabrielle Bell

Gabrielle Bell’s comic Manifestation (which first appeared in print in Diary) has been selected to appear in The Best American Comics 2011.

Trans-Utopia by Tom Kaczynski

Tom K and Gabrielle Bell were both nominated for Ignatz Awards this year. Congratulations!

Jon Lewis is posting new True Swamp comics every Wednesday!

Sand Diego Diary by Gabrielle Bell

Annie Koyama of Koyama Press writes:

I’ve enjoyed Gabrielle Bell’s comics and love the ‘Diary’ and ‘San Diego Diary’ books published by Uncivilized Books. I like a lot of autobiographical comics but the best ones for me deal well with the mundane aspects of life. Her use of black ink for shading is so great. I don’t usually have time or the inclination to re-read books, but I have done that with these ones.

Tom K and Gabrielle Bell are also on Frank Santoro’s reading list.