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Mike Dawson and Brian Evenson discuss Ed the Happy Clown

Mike Dawson recently revamped his TCJ Talkies podcast for The Comics Journal, spotlighting discussion topics rather than interviews with creators. A recent episode features a conversation between he and Brian Evenson on Ed the Happy Clown.

Of course, Brian wrote Ed vs. Yummy Fur, the first in our Critical Cartoons series. This podcast is a nice companion to what’s in the book.

Listen to the podcast here. Order Ed vs. Yummy Fur for more.

Pre-order Sam Alden’s Frontier #5

The talented Sam Alden wrote and drew a new story for Frontier #5, the latest issue of Youth in Decline‘s ongoing monograph series. The cover is above. A description resides below.

This issue includes a new 36-page comic, which deals with family legacies, summer vacation, and sinkholes. 2 colors printed on Risograph.

You can pre-order the book here. It will debut at SPX.

Joann Sfar’s Pascin mentioned in Minneapolis Star Tribune

Last Friday, Claude Peck of the Minneapolis Star Tribune wrote a short blurb, previewing our October release of Joann Sfar’s Pascin.

Wine, women and paint defined artist Jules Pascin, whose Bohemian passion flamed out when he committed suicide in Paris in 1930, at age 45. Born in Bulgaria to a Spanish father and an Italian Serbian mother, Pascin traveled in the American South before settling in Paris, where his free-love, heavy-drinking lifestyle earned him the title “Prince of Montparnasse.” Pascin’s life, which seems to have included bedding many of his models, comes vividly alive in the graphic novel …

Read the whole blurb here. Pre-order Pascin from our website.

Gabrielle Bell rounds out July 2014

Hopefully you’ve followed Gabrielle Bell’s great series of July diary comics this year. She decided to post her entries throughout the month of August, and this week marks the end. If you haven’t followed along, no problem. You can easily visit her website and quickly take the plunge.

For the moment, we’ll link to Friday’s entry, July 21st.

Also, order Gabrielle’s latest book Truth is Fragmentary. If you like these latest snippets, you may as well know the whole story.

Gabrielle Bell draws herself for BuzzFeed

BuzzFeed asked 23 female cartoonists to draw their bodies, and Gabrielle Bell was one of them. She contributes a short strip about swimming naked in a river, done up in her classic diary comic style. Others included are Vanessa Davis, Hope Larson and Roberta Gregory.

You can check out the full list here. Order Gabrielle’s latest, Truth is Fragmentary, from our website.

Two Nominations!

The 2014 Ignatz nominees were announced yesterday, and we’re ecstatic both Sophie Yanow’s War of Streets and Houses and Kevin Huizenga and Dan Zettwoch’s Amazing Facts and Beyond were recognized! It’s such a great list of books this year, so we’re kind of blown away to be among them.

Sophie’s been on a streak of late. Along with releasing such a great book this year, she did an excellent interview for The Atlantic (read here) and received a wonderful review from Rob Clough at The Comics Journal.

Indeed, the abstractness of her line combined with the artificial solidity of the zip-a-tone gives the protest scenes a strange quality that would be difficult to capture in a more naturalistic style. It’s as though the adrenaline and fear she experienced rendered the experience no more than a set of rushing lines. It’s sort of a flip-side to Joe Sacco’s slightly cartoony naturalism in capturing an environment; indeed, with her pupils blotted out by the white circles of her glasses much like Sacco, they are not dissimilar both in terms of intent and execution. The difference is that Yanow is not a temporary visitor, but someone who chose to live and work in Montreal.

War of Streets and Houses is nominated for Outstanding Graphic Novel.

Kevin and Dan’s Amazing Facts and Beyond was well reviewed by Publishers Weekly, which is cool. But Jeopardy Champion Ken Jennings is a fan, so that’s obviously super, super cool.

I feel like a pretty well-informed guy, but the great Leon Beyond taught me something new on virtually every page of this beautiful collection. Indispensable!”

Amazing Facts and Beyond is nominated for Outstanding Anthology or Collection.

Order the books here and here.

Congrats to all the nominees. See you at SPX!

New Art Show with Gabrielle Bell and others

An impressive array of talent including Gabrielle Bell are part of an art show in Beacon, New York, (about a ten minute walk from the Metro North train station). Many of the artists will be be present, including Ariel Schrag, who will be reading from her acclaimed debut novel Adam, and Matt Thurber, who will be performing one of his famous scroll readings. Wish we could be there!

Gabrielle Bell at Desert Island

Tonight! New York! Brooklyn! Desert Island Comics! 7 to 9 pm! Gabrielle Bell will be present for the NY launch of Truth is Fragmentary! Don’t miss it!

New York Launch for Truth is Fragmentary

The official New York launch for Gabrielle Bell’s, Truth is Fragmentary is happening on Thursday, June 26th, 7 to 9 pm at Desert Island Comics in Brooklyn! Don’t miss it!

Reminder: Gabrielle Bell Giveaway

A gentle reminder: 3 days left to sign up for the Goodreads giveaway for Gabrielle Bell’s new book, Truth is Fragmentary:

Goodreads Book Giveaway

Truth is Fragmentary by Gabrielle Bell

Truth is Fragmentary

by Gabrielle Bell

Giveaway ends June 22, 2014.

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