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Plans We Made Praised on Panel Patter

The comics blog Panel Patter has posted a great review of Simon Moreton’s Plans We Made! Scott Sederlund praises Moreton’s gestural, elegant artwork and storytelling, writing:

The abstract spaces [Moreton] creates are without boundaries so that the world feels large and full of possibilities. But his drawings are suggestive enough though to make the experiences in those spaces feel authentic and contained. Even though the world feels wide open, there’s only so much freedom that can be experienced and Moreton’s drawings capture that conflicting expanse of possibilities and the limits of experience.

Read the full review here.

Plans We Made is now shipping from the Uncivilized Books store! Get your copy here.

New Construction Praised on the AV Club

Sam Alden’s newest book New Construction was reviewed in the latest AV Club Comics Panel, where Oliver Sava writes:

With his delicate pencil work and skill for atmospheric, emotionally rich storytelling, Sam Alden has emerged as one of the most exciting talents in alt-comics. His new graphic novel New Construction is an exceptional showcase of his cartooning prowess.

Read the rest here.

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AV Club Comics Panel Features Houses of the Holy

Shea Hennum writes about Caitlin Skaalrud’s Houses of the Holy in the latest Comics Panel on the AV Club.  In her recap, Hennum praises Skaalrud’s artwork and storytelling, writing that “Skaalrud brings life closer to the artifice of drama. She imbues the minutiae with spectacle and grandeur.”  Read the rest here.

Pre-order Houses of the Holy here (books will be shipping soon!)

Pascin at Biographile

Joann Sfar’s Pascin is featured in an article by Tobias Carroll about historical and biographical comics at Biographile.  Comparing different approaches to representing biography in comics, Carroll writes that “Pascin represents a more experimental side of comics-as-biography,” explaining that Sfar’s stylistic shifts offer insight into Pascin’s mental states, rather than presenting a more linear biography.

Read the post here.

Get the book here.

An Iranian Metamorphosis featured on Bookdragon

The multicultural book blog Bookdragon has recommended Mana Neyestani’s An Iranian Metamorphosis, the true account of Neyestani’s kafkaesque experience of being imprisoned in his home country of Iran for publishing a cartoon.  Bookdragon praises Neyestani’s humor and cleverness in the face of hardship and uncertainty, and concludes that “An Iranian Metamorphosis captures the dangerous incomprehensibility of the absurd.”

Check out the rest of the write-up here.

Get the book here.

Publishers Weekly previews Houses of the Holy

Laura Sneddon at Publishers Weekly has released a preview of Caitlin Skaalrud’s Houses of the Holy!  She writes:

Skaalrud’s graphic and poetic expressions of inner turmoil are affecting and honest, built over time through a collection of moody visual hints that point to mysterious past events in the heroine’s life.

Read the rest and check out the preview here.

Pre-order Houses of the Holy here.

Foreword Reviews spotlights Pascin

Joann Sfar’s latest book Pascin received a write up by Allyce Amidon in Foreword Reviews‘ Fall issue!  Pascin is Sfar’s biography of artist Jules Pascin, translated to English for Uncivilized Books by Edward Gauvin. Amidon says the artists “is truly brought to life in Sfar’s skillful hands.”

Read the rest of the review here.

The book is available for pre-order here.

Do Not Disturb #4 is ‘funny, heart-breaking and sharply observed’

Rob Clough over at High-Low Comics had some great things to say about Laura Park’s new mini Do Not Disturb My Waking Dream #4, calling it “funny, heart-breaking and sharply observed.”  From the review:

Her strips about happiness, loneliness and illness are especially affecting, because Park gets at the essence of her feelings with a minimum of self-pity but a maximum of thought.

Read more here.

Buy the comic here.

Incidents in the Night a ‘Best of 2015′ at Paste

Best of the year (so far) lists are popping up, and David B.’s Incidents in the Night has made Paste Magazine’s for comics.

Whether it’s read as a strange meditation on storytelling and obsession or a detective story unlike any other, this volume of Incidents in the Night has plenty of strange and compelling narratives to offer. As befits a story in which rare books and obscure histories play a key role, there’s a slightly insular quality here. The story being told is cerebral and visceral in equal measure, and it succeeds impressively in both qualities.

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Zander Cannon talks ‘Over the Wall’ on The Bleed

For Bleeding Cool’s podcast, The Bleed, friend and cartoonist Zander Cannon chats about Peter Wartman’s Over the Wall. As we recently reported, the book has completely sold out with a new edition on the way.

Check out the podcast here. Pre-order Over the Wall from our website.