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Incidents in the Night in The L.A. Times

For the Los Angeles Times, David Ulin reviewed David B.’s Incidents in the Night, specially Book 2.

Yet to read “Incidents in the Night” as commentary or analogue to “Epileptic” is to miss the point. No, what David B. is doing is to push beyond the bounds of ordinary reality, with Jean-Christophe as vehicle. If his declining health — and his brother’s increasingly internalized reactions to it — was a major factor in “Epileptic,” here, the tables are turned. What can it mean except that stories are all we have to preserve us, even though that is ultimately a hollow faith?

Read Ulin’s full review here. Grab both volumes of Incidents in the Night through our special offer.

Paste Magazine on Incidents in the Night

There’s a new review of David B.’s Incidents in the Night: Book 2 up at Paste.

The artwork here showcases characters both grotesque and elegant: Travers’s gang in particular features a memorable selection of grotesques: a rogue’s gallery that could serve as the dictionary illustration for the term … The story being told is cerebral and visceral in equal measure, and it succeeds impressively in both qualities.

Read the full review here. The book is available for sale through our website.

Borb reviewed at Cleaver Magazine

Reviewer Jesse Allen writes that while Jason Little’s Borb “is a comic strip, its impact is novelistic in every sense.” Read his nice write-up here. If you haven’t yet, order a copy of Borb for yourself from our website.

The Quietus reviews Incidents in the Night: Book 2

For The Quietus, Aug Stone writes that David B.’s latest is “a great occult detective story.”

Poetically told, rich in religious and societal allegory as well as knowledge of occult histories, Incidents In The Night 2 is full of strange delights, both large and small.

Read the full review here.

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Incidents in the Night: Book 2 reviewed at This is Infamous

Shea Hennum writes well of David B.’s Incidents in the Night: Book 2 for the site This is Infamous.

“It becomes not simply about what’s being told but about how it’s being told, where it’s being told, the lineage of tellers, and how what’s being told has been shrunk and grown and shaped by each telling. It’s a murder mystery, but in the same way THE GARDEN OF FORKING PATHS is a spy thriller, and the investigation is as historical and holistic than corporeal.”

Read his full review here. Grab this brand-new title from our website.

Borb reviewed at The A.V. Club

For the A.V. Club, Zainab Akhtar penned a great review of Jason Little’s Borb, absolutely nailing it.

“So while this is the story of a life documented, it is equally a viewing experiment and a challenge. There’s no respite for Borb, and none for the reader. Nobody stops to talk to Borb—he’s stripped even of his name, repeatedly labelled the “homeless guy.” He’s a condition, a problem, no longer a person, but a thing that doesn’t really matter.”

Read the full report here. Borb is now shipping, so place your order if you haven’t.

Borb in The Chicago Tribune

Jason Little’s Borb has made the Chicago Tribune via writer Jake Austen. “What makes Little’s approach and execution so impactful is the way it subverts the wacky expectations of the medium.”

Read the full review here. Order the book via our website.

Borb reviewed at This is Infamous

Shea Hennum reviews Jason Little’s new book, Borb, at This is Infamous. “Borb walks the tightrope between levity and despair with expert precision,” Hennum writes. “It’s deeply impressive how funny some of the moments in the book are compared to the abyssal bleakness of others.”

Read the full review here. The book debuts at MoCCA this weekend, yet you can still pre-order a copy on our website.

Publishers Weekly reviews Borb

The first review of Jason Little’s Borb is out, and it’s a nice one. Publishers Weekly says “Little’s elegant linework, minimal dialogue, and unwavering focus on the man’s day-to-day struggles are powerful, giving us a gruesome, slapstick view of society’s underbelly.”

Read the review here. Borb will debut at MoCCA in just a few weeks. Pre-order your copy now!

Full Stop Magazine reviews Dragon’s Breath

For Full Stop Magazine, writer Carmen Maria Machado reviewed MariNaomi’s Dragon’s Breath and Other True Stories. “Slipping into the identity of the book’s subject becomes part of the experience — part of the radical empathy that is so important with the memoir. There is no room for judgment between these pages or in this genre; rather, only compassion.”

Read her full review here. Order Dragon’s Breath from our website.