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Publishers Weekly reviews Borb

The first review of Jason Little’s Borb is out, and it’s a nice one. Publishers Weekly says “Little’s elegant linework, minimal dialogue, and unwavering focus on the man’s day-to-day struggles are powerful, giving us a gruesome, slapstick view of society’s underbelly.”

Read the review here. Borb will debut at MoCCA in just a few weeks. Pre-order your copy now!

Full Stop Magazine reviews Dragon’s Breath

For Full Stop Magazine, writer Carmen Maria Machado reviewed MariNaomi’s Dragon’s Breath and Other True Stories. “Slipping into the identity of the book’s subject becomes part of the experience — part of the radical empathy that is so important with the memoir. There is no room for judgment between these pages or in this genre; rather, only compassion.”

Read her full review here. Order Dragon’s Breath from our website.

Vincent Stall’s Structures 12-23 reviewed!

A very thoughtful review of Vincent Stall’s Structures 12-23 was written by Phil Leblanc. “In 24 wordless pages, Stall forces the reader to reflect on current environmental issues and the very nature of our exploitative ways and environmental destruction.”

Read the full review here. Check out our Structures series if you haven’t.

An Iranian Metamorphosis at The Mantle

Mana Neyestani’s An Iranian Metamorphosis received a really nice feature from Ariell Cacciola at The Mantle. “Neyestani’s panels take on a new life as I flip through his graphic novel reviewing the pictures that meant one thing a couple of months ago and now even more in the present. As a reader, I knew his suffering was real as I first read the book, but now it becomes even more of a crosshatched nightmare.”

Read the full piece here. You can order An Iranian Metamorphosis from our website.

The New York Journal of Books on Carl Barks’ Duck

Mark Squirek has written a great review of Peter Schilling Jr.’s Carl Barks Duck for The New York Journal of Books. “Schilling shows us example after example of Barks’ nearly limitless imagination. Throughout his essays he also reveals a dark side to the brightly colored world of Disney Comics when they were written by Barks.”

Read the full review here. Order the book from our website.

Incidents in the Night at The Quietus

Aug Stone reviewed David B.’s Incidents in the Night for The Quietus’ comic book random-up column. “As ever, the French cartoonist excels at portraying the mysterious and intriguing that lurks under the visibility of life on the surface.”

Read the review here. You can pre-order Book 2 on our website at a special discount!

Eel Mansions at Mental Floss

Rich Barrett reviewed Eel Mansions for his column at Mental Floss. “Probably the most Lynchian (as in filmmaker David Lynch) comic to be made since Dan Clowes’ 1993 graphic novel Like A Velvet Glove Cast in Iron, Derek Van Gieson’s Eel Mansions has plenty of Eraserhead’s confusing imagery but with Twin Peaks’ wry sense of humor as well.”

Read the review here. Order Eel Mansions from our website.

The Chicago Tribune reviews Carl Barks’ Duck

For the Chicago Tribune, Jake Austen penned a great review of Peter Schilling Jr.’s Carl Bark’s Duck. We recently published this book, and we’re extremely proud that its first review is in the Tribune.

Read the piece here, and order the book from our website.

An Iranian Metamorphosis reviewed at The Comics Journal

Greg Hunter has written a fair review of Mana Neyestani’s An Iranian Metamorphosis for The Comics Journal. “There’s value in firsthand insights about the workings and abuses of power, especially insights originating from places that move to restrict them.”

Read Greg’s review here. You can purchase the book on our website.

The 9th Blog reviews Eel Mansions

Derek Van Gieson’s Eel Mansions received a great review from The 9th Blog. It’s described as “a world of blacks and whites and pseudo-grays and polka dots,” which feels fairly apt.

Read the full piece here, and order Eel Mansions from our website.