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Comics Alliance Posts Glowing Review of Houses of The Holy

Caitlin Skaalrud’s Houses of the Holy was reviewed on Comics Alliance, where John Parker writes that “Houses Of The Holy might be the most dazzling and immersive book I’ve read in a long, long time.”  He continues:

Houses Of The Holy is one of those books that’s difficult to summarize in a satisfying way. It’s a metaphysical exploration of ephemeral emotions, more reliant on metaphor and symbol than linear storytelling or conventional structure; a silent visual narrative and hand-written prose in counterpoint, either of which could exist without the other and still be remarkable.

An evocative journey through pain and torment, Houses Of The Holy is traumatic and defiant; raw like a cut that refuses to heal. It’s also transformative and magical, and the most wonderful reading experience I’ve had in what feels like years.

Read the rest of the review here, then be sure to pick up your copy of Houses of the Holy here!

The Beat Names Borb One of the Best Comics of 2015!

The Beat has released their list of the best comics of 2015, and it includes Borb by Jason Little!  They write:

Once again, Little has crafted a book that subverts our expectations, and shines a light on our own eagerness to laugh at the pain of others. It’s extremely uncomfortable and beautiful at the same time.

Read the rest here.

Get Borb here.


Graphic Review of New Construction in the Los Angeles Review of Books


The Los Angeles Review of Books has published an in-depth graphic review by Nick Francis Potter of Sam Alden’s New Construction! The review analyzes Sam’s artistry and visual storytelling through a playful graphic deconstruction of the artwork in New Construction. Potter writes:

Alden has an explicit gift, no doubt well-practiced, for drawings that are effortless in their breezy sloppiness – a quick hand, never belabored – that simultaneously exibits a brilliant technical ability for composition, lighting, detail, and abstraction. His natural ability seems to reach all the way back to Rembrandt.

Make sure to check out the rest of this detailed and entertaining review here!

And pick up New Construction here!


New Construction Reviewed on Cute Juice Comics

The blog Cute Juice Comics has posted an in-depth review and analysis of Sam Alden’s New Construction, praising its storytelling and visual communication.  From the review:

Alden’s art is often described as evocative and rich in atmosphere, which it is – but it’s also rich in information. I think as comic readers, we have been trained to be lazy, to skim over the pretty pictures and let text guide our understanding. If we linger over images, it’s for our own visual pleasure. That’s fine, but with New Construction, a careless reading is not going to cut it. These stories are not like your typical Hollywood blockbuster where you can mentally check out because all the important plot points, not to mention emotional cues, will be shoved down your throat. New Construction requires your full attention.

Read the full review here, and be sure to order your copy of New Construction here.

Incidents in the Night 2 One of Globe and Mail’s 100 Best Books of 2015!

Yet another publication has recognized David B.’s Incidents in the Night Book 2 as one of the best books of 2015!  The latest honor comes from The Globe and Mail, which names Book 2 as one of the 100 best books of the year on their Globe 100 list.  See the rest of their recommendations here.

Get Incidents in the Night Book 2 here (or get #1 and #2 together as an inexpensive set!)


Pascin and Incidents in the Night 2 on Paste’s Best Comic Books of 2015!

Paste Magazine has released their list of the Best Comic Books of 2015, and it features both Joann Sfar’s Pascin and David B.’s Incidents in the Night Book 2!

Paste on Pascin (which is currently available for pre-order): “This graphic novel feels like truth, or, as Picasso said of art, it’s a lie that makes us realize truth.”

And on Incidents in the Night Book 2: “The story being told is cerebral and visceral in equal measure, and it succeeds impressively in both qualities.”

Check out the rest of the list here.

Pre-order Pascin here.

And get Incidents in the Night Book 2 (or #1 and #2 together) here.

New Construction at Largehearted Boy

Somehow we missed this! Largehearted Boy’s recent Atomic Books Comics Preview included Sam Alden’s New Construction. Check out the full roundup here, and get New Construction here!

The Comics Journal Reviews Incidents in the Night 2

The Comics Journal has a great review of David B.’s Incidents in the Night Book 2.  Daniel Kalder describes Book 2‘s surreal and twisting plot, and writes:

If you like getting lost, or always wanted to wander around in an elaborate nocturnal labyrinth, or are fascinated by books that don’t exist and arcane retellings of histories that are not really true but which ought to be, then Incidents in the Night 2 is the comic for you. Although you probably ought to read book 1 first.

Read the full review here, and find Incidents in the Night Book 2 here, and if you haven’t read #1 yet, you can get ‘em both as an inexpensive set! Makes a great gift!

Incidents in the Night 2 One of Slate’s “10 Best Comics of 2015″!

As 2015 winds down, year-end best-of lists are popping up, and it’s no surprise to see David B.’s Incidents in the Night Book 2 getting some recognition! Book 2 leads Slate’s roundup of the 10 Best Comics of 2015. Here’s what Slate says:

Book 2 of Incidents in the Night(readable without the first part, though that too should not be missed) is about the magic of reading, of losing oneself in the encounter with literature of all kinds. Written and illustrated by the masterful David B. (best known for his memoir Epileptic), Incidents delves into a shadow version of Paris, one defined by the occult commerce of impossible bookshops more than the peculiarities of its arrondissements. In this world, a dream logic abides, everything connected in the way of an exquisite corpse that somehow coheres in spite of itself.

See the rest of the list here.

Incidents in the Night Book 2 is available from us here – and if you haven’t read #1 yet, you can get ‘em both as an inexpensive set! Makes a great gift!

Plans We Made Praised on Panel Patter

The comics blog Panel Patter has posted a great review of Simon Moreton’s Plans We Made! Scott Sederlund praises Moreton’s gestural, elegant artwork and storytelling, writing:

The abstract spaces [Moreton] creates are without boundaries so that the world feels large and full of possibilities. But his drawings are suggestive enough though to make the experiences in those spaces feel authentic and contained. Even though the world feels wide open, there’s only so much freedom that can be experienced and Moreton’s drawings capture that conflicting expanse of possibilities and the limits of experience.

Read the full review here.

Plans We Made is now shipping from the Uncivilized Books store! Get your copy here.