Dragon’s Breath mentioned in Bitch Magazine Newsletter

Bitch Magazine Art Director Kristin Rogers Brown is reading MarNaomi’s Dragon’s Breath and Other True Stories, and mentioned so in the latest newsletter from the publication.

You can view the blurb here. You can purchase Mari’s book from our website.

Marguerite Van Cook, James Romberger to speak at New York Comics & Picture-story Symposium

The event takes place tonight at 7 p.m. “Marguerite Van Cook will read from and discuss her original graphic auto/biography The Late Child and Other Animals, accompanied by a slide show of images from the book,” the event’s release says.

Van Cook wrote and colored this work, where as James Romberger (Post York) drew it.

You can read more about the event here. Attend!

Paste Magazine reviews An Iranian Metamorphosis

Tobias Carroll has reviewed Mana Neyestani’s An Iranian Metamorphosis for Paste Magazine. He calls it a “dizzying” yet also “deeply moving” read – “a work whose surreality and exploration form an eminently fitting component of Kafka’s legacy.”

You can read the full review here. Also, if you haven’t, order a copy of An Iranian Metamorphosis from our website.

Preview: Eel Mansions

Today, we’re offering a short preview of Derek Van Gieson’s Eel Mansions. The book will ship in December. There’s still a chance for you to pre-order the book and receive a special early-bird discount. You can do so at our website.

Spring 2015 + Uncivilized Books

Here it is! Today, we officially announce Uncivilized Books’ Spring 2015 line-up. This season sees us returning to work with some of Uncivilized’s staple artists as well as stretch our legs with someone new.

Our subscription deal is available on our website. We are also offering pre-orders for individual books. The plan is:


Borb by Jason Little

Borb by Jason Little (Shutterbug Follies, Motel Art Improvement Service) is the story of a severely alcoholic homeless man, a downtrodden urban Candide whose misfortunes pile up at an alarming rate. The narrative is presented as a series of daily newspaper strips as the author pays homage to the depression-era imagery of Harold Gray (Little Orphan Annie) and Frank King (Gasoline Alley) and the long and complex tradition of the comic strip slapstick vagabond archetype. At once hilarious, horrifying, and full of heart, Borb depicts the real horrors specific to present-day urban homelessness. Borb is Jason Little’s most complex and challenging work.

Jason Little is the author of the Bee books: Shutterbug Follies (winner of two Ignatz awards) and Motel Art Improvement Service. His Jack’s Luck Runs Out comic book was the first Xeric winner to be printed in full color. He also teaches in the cartooning program at the School of Visual Arts. Jason lives in Brooklyn with writer Myla Goldberg and their two daughters.

ISBN 978-1-941250-02-0
Hardcover, b&w, 96 Pages, $19.95
April, 2015

Pre-order here.


Robot Investigator by Vincent Stall

Robot Investigator by Vincent Stall (Things You Carry) follows a lonely robot on an expedition to a mysterious planet that looks a lot like Earth. The story unfolds like a parallel universe Wall-E as the robot explores what appears to be a pristine landscape. He meets curious gerbil-like animals and stumbles on… a band of feral humans. Who were they? Why did they turn into wild men? Robot Investigator is both sweet and melancholy, cute and grisly. Stall’s silent sequences are drawn with an inky, lush, and elegant line filled with expressionistic colors. Robot Investigator is Stall’s masterpiece. The book also includes a brand new story and sixteen-page robot parts catalog.

Vincent Stall is an artist, cartoonist, and designer. He lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota, with his wife and daughter.

ISBN 978-1-941250-04-4
Hardcover, color, 100 Pages, $19.95
Jul, 2015

Pre-order here.


True Swamp: Book 2 by Jon Lewis

True Swamp: Book 2 continues the misadventures of Lenny the Frog. The world of True Swamp grows to include inventor marmots, a living book, the cave-dwelling custodian of the swamp’s one true religion, and most fatefully of all, the walking fungus known as Nikolas Underwoods. The stories collected are the very best of True Swamp and were placed on the Time magazine’s “Top Ten Comics of 2000″ list.

Jon Lewis began True Swamp in 1992. It continues today. Other comics include Ghost ShipSpectacles, and scripts for DC, Dark Horse and Kodansha Publishing. Lewis came to prominence as one of a tight-knit wave of early 90s Seattle cartoonists who brought new narrative ambition to alternative comics. He lives in Brooklyn.

ISBN 978-0-9889014-9-0
Hardcover, b&w, 140 pages, $19.95
Jun, 2015

Pre-order here.

Consortium Books will distribute Secret Acres and Alternative Comics

Our distributor, Consortium Books, has picked up two fellow comics publishers – Secret Acres and Alternative Comics – and will distribute their catalogs going forward. It’s exciting news, as it suggests a growing interest in our medium from eyes embedded in the literary scene.

You can read more about the development at Publishers Weekly.

Publishers Weekly reviews An Iranian Metamorphosis

Mana Neyestani’s gripping memoir received a starred review at Publishers Weekly.

From the opening panel, Neyestani’s account of his personal ordeal masterfully conveys tension with a dense, cross-hatched style that powerfully evokes the claustrophobia of his imprisonment, and the lasting mental effects of his senseless persecution.

Read the entire piece here, and order An Iranian Metamorphosis from our website.

Autoptic Festival Needs Funds

The amazing Autoptic Festival is raising funds for it’s biannual event next year (2015). Our first year was great, help make the next year even better!

Please share! Thank you!

This is Infamous reviews Dragon’s Breath

Shea Hennum wrote about MariNaomi’s Dragon’s Breath and Other True Stories for This is Infamous.

The stories in DRAGON’S BREATH vary in content, though the range with which the vary isn’t that vast, but their quality—even if it’s merely quality that I’m projecting on to it—is wildly impressive and present throughout.

Read the full review here. Order Dragon’s Breath from our webstore.

Dragon’s Breath reviewed at The Comics Journal

Greg Hunter wrote about MariNaomi’s Dragon’s Breath and Other True Stories for The Comics Journal.

“What’s New Pussycat?”, an elliptical piece about the suicide of an acquaintance, delivers information sparingly. As a bridge between a scene dramatizing her last interaction with the acquaintance and the scene in which she learns of his death, MariNaomi provides the spread above: a handful of lines at resembling a splash, then the image of her likeness leaving a bar. These pages and others like them offer a complex yet sparse (and easily navigable) read—“What’s New Pussycat?” holds together tonally when read straight through and becomes even more cohesive when recalled or paged back through.

Read the full review here. Order Dragon’s Breath from our website.