Eel Mansions #5

Is is #5 already?! It is! Derek Van Gieson’s unstoppable Eel Mansions series has reached #5. Infamous cartoonist Janet Planet, plots to kill her golden goose, the negative orphans continue their pre-pubesent existentialisms, records store guys do their thing, government agents Bert and Chee Chee continue their adventures in hell, and Satanist Wuppeteer, Armistead Fowler’s past further unfolds. Plus, Milk City, Tales of Abstraction House, and Doomin!

Now is a good time to get into Eel Mansions, we have issues 1-4 on sale! Number 5 will debut at MoCCA and will ship in April soon after. Available now for pre-order!

David B. Finalist for the L.A. Times Book Prizes

Uncivilized Books is really excited to announce that David B’s Incidents in the Night Book 1 is one of five finalists for the L.A. Times Book Prize in the Graphic Novel/Comics category. The full list of finalists is published here. Congratulations to David B. and all the other finalists!

For additional information, review copies, review PDFs, interview requests, and bookings, please contact:

The Comics Reporter chats with Sam Alden

We missed this: Late last year The Comics Reporter‘s Tom Spurgeon did an interview with the writer and artist of It Never Happened Again and Haunter, Sam Alden:

SPURGEON: So was having the time to devote to shorter stories as you’ve done since, was that the idea of moving away from a longer form work, or is there something about that particular mode of presentation that you weren’t into anymore?

ALDEN: I think that comic was drawn when I was still figuring out what I wanted to do. And one of the characteristics of being in that stage where you’re figuring out your own style or something, you’re really concerned with making a comic that looks like a real comic. So it looks like somebody else’s comic. Mine looked like Nate Powell’s.

What the shorter stuff allowed me to do in addition to learning a little more about storytelling is just to experiment and remind myself that it was fun to draw comics. Now I’m heading back to the curve. Now I feel like I want to settle down and do a more meat-and-potatoes, longer-form comic with some of the stuff I’ve learned.

Sam’s new book will have one of his longest efforts to date and is available for preorder now! Check out the rest of this great interview here.

Spring 2014 Preorders Are Here

We already offered the above books as an inexpensive subscription. Now they are available individually for those of you who prefer it that way. All books come with discounts and/or treats for early buyers. Here they are:

Truth is Fragmentary by Gabrielle Bell

An Iranian Metamorphosis by Mana Neyestani

and It Never Happened Again by Sam Alden

Oh, and don’t forget about our first sale!

Another Epic Eel Mansions Review

The Comics Bulletin published another of their massive & epic Eel Mansions reviews. This time they focus on issue 3:

Eel Mansions is oozing with love — all the kinds of love there are. It’s thick with the act of creation — fecund one might say — for all acts of creation emanate from some kind of love — you know, what Lou Reed meant when he said, ”between thought and expression there lies a lifetime.” And this is a book that celebrates the creative act. From the cartoonist to the musician, from the family man to the Wuppeteer, everybody is or was Making It — ”make some room now, dig what you see” — taking the ephemera of experience and the hope of ideas and baking something new in the oven.

What is art but an expression of love?

And there’s a LOT more here. Now is a good time to check out Eel Mansions, all four current issues are on sale!

Our First Sale

It’s our first-ever proper sale! Books by Gabrielle Bell, James Romberger, Crosby,  Kevin Huizenga & Dan Zettwoch, Zak Sally, Jon Lewis, Derek Van Gieson & Tom Kaczynski. 20-50% OFF! Check it out!

Spotlight: Telegraph

We’ve never been to the Telegraph Gallery in Charlottesville, VA. It looks like a pretty cool place! They also carry a bunch of our books and mini-comics among many other great things. Check ‘em out if you’re in the area… or online.

Incidents in the Night is Infamous

This is Infamous reviews David B.’s Incidents in the Night. It’s an interesting article, with some unusual, but not implausible comparisons: to Junji Itoi’s Uzumaki or Orson Welles’ The Third Man. Check out the whole review here.

Laura Park Mini-Profile

Almost everyone who comes across Laura Park’s work is smitten! Camilla at Impossible Books is no exception:

I first came across Laura Park‘s work a couple of years ago, via a series of mightily heartbreaking comics about her cat just after he had passed away. I cried my eyes out. I also became a huge fan, and have been following her flickr and website since.

Read the rest of her micro-profile here.

We just made a brand new edition (3rd! pictured above & below) on Zak Sally’s Riso. It’s a good time to get one if you haven’t already!

Reminder: Spring 2014 Subscription

Reminder: our subscription deal is still going. Only half of the free-mini deals are still available! Don’t miss out!