MariNaomi shares playlist for Dragon’s Breath

Continuing her streak of exceptional press coverage, MariNaomi has shared a playlist for her latest book Dragon’s Breath and Other True Stories at Largehearted Boy. This appears as part of the site’s ‘Book Notes’ feature, in which authors offer up playlists connected to recent works.

“Santa Claus is Coming to Town” – Bing Crosby and Frank Sinatra(Appears in the story “He Sees You When You’re Sleeping”)

In “He Sees You When You’re Sleeping,” I (as a little girl) watch my parents fussing under the tree late Xmas eve, after I’d supposedly gone to bed. I was livid, watching them move around the presents, certain they were delaying Santa’s visit. Because he sees us when we’re sleeping, he knows when we’re awake. Geez, how creepy is that song?

You can read the entire piece here. Also, order Mari’s wonderful book from our website!

Comic Book Resources interviews MariNaomi

MariNaomi keeps at it! At CBR, Alex Dueben spoke with her about Dragon’s Breath and Other True Stories.

Your cartooning style depicts essentials and suggests other elements, focusing on the key emotional details and allowing the reader to fill in the rest. How much is this something you’re conscious of while creating each story?

I think about this a lot for every drawing I do. Like, deciding on whether or not to include a panel border, a narrative, a background, or descriptive text can drastically change the take-away from a story. It changes the pacing, the atmosphere, everything. I often experiment with multiple ways to draw a panel before I settle on the final image. I want to get it just right.

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Dragon’s Breath reviewed in Comics Workbook Magazine #6

MariNaomi’s Dragon’s Breath and Other True Stories will be reviewed in the new issue of Comics Workbook Magazine. The issue will debut at this year’s Comics Art Brooklyn Festival. The details are here.

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Columbia Journalism Review features Mana Neyestani

Over at the Columbia Journalism Review, writer Chris Ip features Mana Neyestani and An Iranian Metamorphosis. A portion of his piece appears online (which you can view here), but the full article will appear in the new issue of the Columbia Journalism Review.

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Derek Van Gieson Art Sale

Derek (Eel Mansions) Van Gieson has some nice original pieces for sale now at his Etsy shop. Check ‘em out and pick up a piece or two. They’re very affordable! Go get ‘em!

MariNaomi at IE Zine Fest!

Continuing her lengthy book tour, MariNaomi will attend the IE Zine Fest in Redlands, CA this Sunday. Check out the show’s blog for more info on the event, and head out and support Mari as well as many more zine makers.

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War of Streets and Houses is ‘Staff Pick’ at Boswell Books

In Milwaukee, Boswell Books has made Sophie Yanow’s War of Streets and Houses a staff pick. Along with the recommendation, the store has also posted a nice review of the book on their blog.

Of all the graphic novels and comics I’ve read, this is by far the most complete, engaging, and altruistic: Yanow is the kind of artist whose work is destined for positive global impact.

Read the whole review here. Order a copy of War of Streets and Houses from Boswell Books.

Jason Little in 3D!

So Jason Little now has an online portfolio completely dedicated to 3D comics, all of which he’s done the actual 3D conversion for. It’s quite impressive – a process undoubtedly meticulous. You can follow this interesting project here. Though, you must provide your own 3D specs.

Cute Boys Alert: Sophie Yanow interviews Simon Hanselmann

We forgot to mention this near its original point of publication, but Sophie Yanow spoke to Simon Hanselmann way back in early September, grabbing the scoop on the then forthcoming United States tour with fellow Cute Boys Michael DeForge and Patrick Kyle. Their conversation was posted at The Comics Journal, and it can be read here.

If you’ve followed any comics people on Twitter in the last month, then you know the tour was a success. Yet, read this interview anyway, and act like it’s still September 8th. When all was good.

Recidivist Volume 4

Zak Sally’s ongoing project Recidivist is now another volume heavier. He completed it just in time for last weekend’s Rain Taxi Festival, and it should soon be on sale online.

For now, check out Zak’s site, and hype yourself up. Also, order Sammy the Mouse. It’s too damn good!