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Our First Sale

It’s our first-ever proper sale! Books by Gabrielle Bell, James Romberger, Crosby,  Kevin Huizenga & Dan Zettwoch, Zak Sally, Jon Lewis, Derek Van Gieson & Tom Kaczynski. 20-50% OFF! Check it out!

Nothing But the Facts

Looks like we failed to post this when it ran a little while back. Comic Book Resources did a great interview with Kevin Huizenga and Dan Zettwoch about  Amazing Facts and Beyond. They talk about Leon Beyond’s surprising origins, the collaborative dynamic of two artist/writers, and real reason the project landed at Uncivilized Book:

“How did you connect with Tom Kaczynski and publishing the book through Uncivilized?

Huizenga: Tom was looking for a big hit book that really flew off the shelves, and so it was a natural fit.

Zettwoch: It was also a natural fit to combine three of the most mis-pronounced last names in comics all in one project.

Huizenga: I don’t think that many mis-pronounce your name. You’re nowhere near me and Tom’s level. Though it’s getting better with mine. I’m optimistic.”

Nothing but the facts! Read the entire interview here!

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The Transcript takes a look at Amazing Facts and Beyond

The North Adams Transcript recently reviewed Dan Zettwoch and Kevin Huizenga’s Amazing Facts and Beyond, calling the book a “a great intro to the inventive dynamism of Zettwoch’s presentations.”

The strip ran in the Riverfront Times in St. Louis, Mo., for about four years and features fictional expert-in-odd-facts Leon Beyond as host, taking readers on a topical and dense journey through the detritus of actual facts that really aren’t, but you wish were.

Read the rest of the review here!

Amazing Facts & Beyond in Onion AV Club

Dan Zettwoch & Kevin Huizenga’s Amazing Facts & Beyond was reviewed in the Onion AV Club Comics Panel column:

Amazing Facts is a smorgasbord of social satire and gonzo surrealism masquerading as silly, fact-mangling mayhem. [The] sketchy, up-against-deadline artwork teems with itchy energy, and the jokes land solidly—but it really takes off when it enters the meta-zone and incorporates an ongoing storyline about how the strip itself is in danger of being axed by the Times.

Read the rest here.


Uncivilized Books will at SPX in full force this weekend! Well be set up on table i8 and our table will be run by Tom Kaczynski (ask him about the French version of Beta Testing the Apocalypse). Here’s who will be around our table this weekend:

Superstars Kevin Huizenga, Dan Zettwoch and Leon Beyond will be camping on our table all Saturday before moving to their own table on Sunday. We’ll have their new book Amazing Facts & Beyond all weekend!

Did you know Peter Wartman’s Over the Wall is our bestseller for the season? Stop by our table to see why this book has been generating so much interest.

We just found out that Zak Sally is coming too! He’ll be at our table showing off the new Sammy The Mouse book (it’s a beaut!) and being his awesome self!

We’ll be debuting Derek Van Gieson’s Eel Mansions #3! Shit gets crazy! We’ll also have numbers 1 & 2 for those who haven’t discovered the series yet. We’ll also have a few copies of Laura Park’s newest mini comic Do Not Disturb My Waking Dream that was created for the Autoptic festival. We don’t have many copies left so don’t leave SPX without it!

Last but absolutely not least, check out our books from David B., James Romberger, Jon Lewis and 2013 Ignatz Award nominated Gabrielle Bell!

See you all there!

Amazing Facts & Beyond on HighLow Comics

We missed this a little while ago because we were distracted organizing the first Autoptic Festival! Rob Clough reviewed Amazing Fact & Beyond on his HighLow Comics site:

What makes the strip work so well is that it’s mostly played with a straight face, as Huizenga and Zettwoch (abbreviated Wu-Tang Clan style as HZA and DZA at one point) never come out and say that these “facts” are false. They also add enough true tidbits here and there to make readers think twice about some of Leon’s claims. Indeed, I really wanted Zettwoch’s strip about certain abandoned water towers in St Louis being used to store alcohol during prohibition to be true, especially the detail about hobos huffing alcohol fumes from them to this day.

The whole review is here.

Amazing Facts & Beyond in Stores Now!

Amazing Facts & Beyond by Kevin Huizenga & Dan Zettwoch is now in stores! The Comics Reporter and The Comics Journal have the book on their picks for the week. Get your copy from you local book/comic-book store! I’ll let Joe McCulloch have the last word:

“I’m glad to see a proper Best Of [Amazing Facts & Beyond] arriving from Uncivilized Books in the form of a 9″ x 8.5″ landscape-format hardcover, packing in 240 pages of extremely useful tidbits. Everybody involved in this is crazy-talented.”

Amazing Facts & Beyond Release Party

Tonight, 7-9 pm at Star Clipper in St. Louis: Dan Zettwoch, Kevin Huizenga & Leon Beyond will be launching Amazing Fact & Beyond at the Star Clipper! See you there!

Last Chance to enter Amazing Facts & Beyond Giveaway!

Goodreads Book Giveaway

Amazing Facts and Beyond by Kevin Huizenga

Amazing Facts and Beyond

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Amazing Facts & Beyond Giveaway

Starting today, it’s the Amazing Facts and Beyond (by Kevin Huizenga & Dan Zettwoch) Goodreads Giveaway. Enter now!


Goodreads Book Giveaway

Amazing Facts and Beyond by Kevin Huizenga

Amazing Facts and Beyond

by Kevin Huizenga

Giveaway ends July 31, 2013.

See the giveaway details
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