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Free Comic Book Day!

Uncivilized Books has teamed with 4 other small presses (Retrofit, Oily Comics, Study Group and Peow! Studio) to produce a Free Comic Book Day offering, titled Free 2015.

It features a color cover by Chuck Forsman and 40 pages of comics from the publishers. Artists include David B., Niv Bavarsky, Box Brown, Patrick Crotty, Max de Rodriguès, Hanna K., Alex Kim, Laura Knetzger, Kate Leth, Jason Little, Matt Madden, Jane Mai, Melissa Mendes, Oliver Schrauwen, Ben Sears, Jack Teagle, Derek Van Gison and François Vigneault. (Uncivilized authors are in bold).

So if you’re heading out for FCBD tomorrow, keep your eyes peeled for the book, and pick up a copy!

Murder Shoes play EP release show

Derek Van Gieson’s band Murder Shoes will perform at The Red Stag in Minneapolis this Sunday, May 3rd at 10 p.m. The show is to promote the band’s new, self-titled EP. Attend the show if you can, but if you’re outside the Twin Cities, feel free to investigate the release here.

And if you’re unfamiliar, Derek is the author of Eel Mansions, a genuine Uncivilized Books publication. Check that out here.

Eel Mansions at Mental Floss

Rich Barrett reviewed Eel Mansions for his column at Mental Floss. “Probably the most Lynchian (as in filmmaker David Lynch) comic to be made since Dan Clowes’ 1993 graphic novel Like A Velvet Glove Cast in Iron, Derek Van Gieson’s Eel Mansions has plenty of Eraserhead’s confusing imagery but with Twin Peaks’ wry sense of humor as well.”

Read the review here. Order Eel Mansions from our website.

Eel Mansions mentioned at comicbookGRRRL

Derek Van Gieson’s Eel Mansions was mentioned on Laura Sneddon’s blog, comicbookGRRRL, as a stand-out release for January 2015.

Check out her other selections here, and order Eel Mansions from our website.

The 9th Blog reviews Eel Mansions

Derek Van Gieson’s Eel Mansions received a great review from The 9th Blog. It’s described as “a world of blacks and whites and pseudo-grays and polka dots,” which feels fairly apt.

Read the full piece here, and order Eel Mansions from our website.

Murder Shoes release “Cash on Fire”

Murder Shoes, the latest band from Derek Van Gieson (Eel Mansions), has released its debut EP, Cash on Fire. Check it out here.

Best of 2014: Eel Mansions at Loser City

Derek Van Gieson’s Eel Mansions is a favorite 2014 publication over at Loser City!

Read the report here. Order Eel Mansions from our website.

Murder Shoes at The Kitty Cat Klub

Derek Van Gieson (Eel Mansions) and his band Murder Shoes will play a set at The Kitty Cat Klub in Minneapolis tonight. The show kicks off at 10 p.m. Check out the show poster above, drawn by Derek.

Preview: Eel Mansions

Today, we’re offering a short preview of Derek Van Gieson’s Eel Mansions. The book will ship in December. There’s still a chance for you to pre-order the book and receive a special early-bird discount. You can do so at our website.

Comics Bulletin ‘brings it all back home’ with Eel Mansions #6

Concluding a very extensive conversation series, Daniel Elkin and Keith Silva wrote about Eel Mansions #6 over at Comics Bulletin.

You say Eel Mansions #6 “brings it all back home.” While, it could be easy to see this as some sort of Outlaw Blues, I’ll inherently choose track 11, Baby Blue. While Van Gieson is drawing crazy patterns on our sheets, he’s no empty handed painter. A matter of fact, he’s going big, and remember what Janet teaches us in her final Milk City, “If something is big, then it’s art, and if it’s small, it’s not art.” After all, it’s good to keep things simple.

This kind of thinking is inevitable when dealing with something like Eel Mansions, issue six in particular. This train of thought cuts through the snowy mountain passes of traditional narrative and ends up making stops along the way questioning the nature of storytelling and fueling up at the depot concerning what makes comics, comics.

You can read the entire piece here. Parts 1 – 5 are found here. Pre-order Derek Van Gieson’s collected Eel Mansions from our website!