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True Swamp review in ForeWord Magazine

A nice review of Jon Lewis’ True Swamp: Choose Your Poison just appeared in the current issue of ForeWord Magazine. Here’s a taste:

There are any number of clever ways of categorizing True Swamp, each of them more or less accurate; most recently, I’ve taken to referring to it as a profane post-punk Pogo. However, the single word that all of those descriptions must necessarily include is “brilliant.”

A reader coming upon this book unawares might not be immediately inclined to use that adjective. At first glance, Jon Lewis’s art seems too raw to serve its purpose, with final pages that can closely resemble extremely rough, even unfinished, layouts. But behind and beneath that loose, cartoony facade lurks a masterful grasp of both the conception and execution of the visual narrative, attributes that make True Swamp a comic of the highest order.

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