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Amazing Facts & Beyond Release Party

Tonight, 7-9 pm at Star Clipper in St. Louis: Dan Zettwoch, Kevin Huizenga & Leon Beyond will be launching Amazing Fact & Beyond at the Star Clipper! See you there!

Leon Beyond gets Uncivilized

This news has already swept the social media sphere like wild fire. Twitter, Facebook, and even Google+ are struggling to keep up with the deluge of comments and re-tweets that are overwhelming their server farms. Well, here’s what you already know, through the official news channel of Uncivilized Books, our blog. Blogs have of course, become the equivalent of the even older traditional media, namely the newspaper. Blog posts move a little slower than tweets through the pipes of the internet, but at least they move. Newspapers clog those pipes completely. But, before we lose track completely, may we remind you that at some point in the future (May, 2013 – feels so far away) Leon Beyond will become a book*. The timing of the book’s release has been precisely calculated to coincide with the moment when your short term memory of this announcement will enter the long term storage part of the brain. During that moment of transfer (which can take up to two months), you will be able think of nothing else than Amazing Facts & Beyond.

*Books are heavier than newspapers. They don’t fit in internet pipes at all.