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Rain Taxi Festival 2012

It’s time for  the Rain Taxi Book Festival! This year the Festival’s special comics guest is Chris Ware! Not to be missed!

We will be there showing off our recent projects to Twin Cities’ bibliophiles. Our table will be ably (wo)manned by the talented Caitlin Skaalrud (of Talk Weird Press). Stop by and see what we’ve been working on and ask us about the slew of amazing projects planned for next year.

The Voyeurs in Rain Taxi


The newest issue of Rain Taxi Review of Books features a nice review of Gabrielle Bell’s The Voyeurs:

“Relationships are perhaps Bell’s great theme: whether depicting the slow descent of her relationship with director Michel Gondry, her uncomfortable encounters at comic conventions and book festivals, or the umbilical phone cord that tethers her to her mother (Bell: Mom, what do you think about feminism?” Mother: “Oh god, this isn’t for another one of your cartoons: is it?”), she repeatedly nails the inherent awkwardness of communicating with others. The book’s title is no doubt one more indication of this: it riffs on the opening sequence, in which the cartoonist and her friends, drinking on a walkup’s rooftop, lazily watch a couple in the building across the street have sex (the couple having forgot to draw the curtains) but of course we readers too are voyeurs, peering through the panels at the intimate details of a young woman’s life.

Bare honesty aside-and of course one never really knows how honest a memoir writer is truly being-Bell’s work stands out for its meticulous, detailed presentation, in both words and pictures. When she tells author Lorrie Moore Nwhat I’d really like to do is writeN (Moore’s cartoon-perfect response: “Oh, nol”), one can’t help but wonder what kind of prose book this gifted voice might produce.”

The issue can be purchased here.


Rain Taxi Festival


rain taxi rebus

Uncivilized Books will be hanging out at the Rain Taxi Book Festival today. We’ll be located right next to our friends at Big Brain Comics. We’ll have our usual assortment of comics. Stop by and say hello.