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The Morton Report Interviews Gabrielle Bell

Gabrielle Bell is tireless! After a grueling West Coast Tour for The Voyeurs, she still has the energy to give interesting interviews. Here’s the latest, conducted by Bill Baker at the Morton Report:

Are there some things that you on first impulse think you want to share, but on second thought—or even after you’ve got it all down on paper—you realize you don’t want to put out there for anyone to read?

So far, not really. I wish I was more brave, actually. There’s so much that I’m embarrassed and ashamed about, and am scared to put into a story. I’m afraid people will be like, “Now you’ve gone too far.” Every time I write about something that makes me cringe, like when I wrote about when I had bedbugs, or listed a bunch of inappropriate things I’ve done, it’s been very cathartic, it’s made me a bit lighter. By that logic I should just spend my life cataloging every disturbing thing I’ve ever done, then just float away.

How truthful are you? Have you ever been tempted to change something, be it something major or a small detail, to make a piece funnier, more poignant…or to depict someone or something as worse than they were?

I am not very truthful. I take pleasure in perfecting the story with lies. Often I will make up the whole thing, then look back at it and realize it’s actually the truth, that I’ve just simplified it. Or maybe my memory adjusts itself to believe it’s true. This is a problem, actually. Once I draw an autobiographical comic, it begins to replace my memory.

The full interview is here.