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Zak Sally interviewed at The Comics Reporter

Zak Sally was Tom Spurgeon‘s latest Sunday Interview. He talks about Recidivist Vol. 4, Autoptic and his relationship with image making. Read it here.

Recidivist Vol. 4 is now on sale!

As we previously reported, Zak Sally has completed the latest of his Recidivist series, and you can now purchase a copy online. Visit La Mano, and order one (as well read the excellent catalog copy associated).

Recidivist Volume 4

Zak Sally’s ongoing project Recidivist is now another volume heavier. He completed it just in time for last weekend’s Rain Taxi Festival, and it should soon be on sale online.

For now, check out Zak’s site, and hype yourself up. Also, order Sammy the Mouse. It’s too damn good!

Uncivilized Books at Rain Taxi Book Festival

Today (Saturday, Oct. 11, 10am – 6pm) we’re camping out at the Rain Taxi Book Festival. Tom Kaczynski and Peter Wartman are holding down the fort at our table (63) but don’t miss special festival guests Zak Sally (new Recidivist!!!) and Anders Nilsen who are both debuting new books! Don’t miss their panel at 3:30! Tom Kaczynski will have advance copies of The Mammoth Book of Cult Comics in which he has a comic.

Stop by and say hi! Table 63!

Our First Sale

It’s our first-ever proper sale! Books by Gabrielle Bell, James Romberger, Crosby,  Kevin Huizenga & Dan Zettwoch, Zak Sally, Jon Lewis, Derek Van Gieson & Tom Kaczynski. 20-50% OFF! Check it out!

New Edition of DeForge Structures

Speaking of Zak (Sammy the Mouse) Sally… We got to see his newly fixed-up Risograph in action the other day (see above). We were printing a new cover for the 2nd edition of the Michael DeForge Structures 24-34 zine. The Riso’s really humming now! We tried a few different colors. Love the red version, but it looked too much like x-mas:

Scoop! We spotted a test-page from Zak’s future super top secret project(!):

Turned out pretty good! The pictures don’t really do it justice! There are 3 kinds of green on there! Get yours here.

2d Cloud interviews Zak Sally

2D Cloud recently released Raighne Hogan‘s extended interview with Zak Sally (Sammy the Mouse). Sure, they talk comics, but they also discuss the rise of micro-publishing, some 90′s nostalgia, & the history of La Mano (Zak’s printing/publishing house). Here’s one of our favorite quotes from the interview:

I don’t buy that thing of art as masturbatory. Like, I do this so that people can read it and interact. I want people to get this. I’m not some god damn painter who does a painting and puts it up and the wall and is all, “Screw you all.” Comics are about this wonderful means of getting things out in the world, and it’s a wonderful way to do it. I’m not done unless somebody’s reading it. That makes them done.

Check out the entire interview: Part 1, Part 2, & Part 3!

Sammy The Mouse on the 9th Blog

Larry Vossler over at The 9th Blog takes a look at Sammy The Mouse 1 & 2. Among many things, he discussed the meta-narratives embedded in the work:

“Through out the story we see there’s a disembodied voice that talks to Sammy at certain times in the comic and at times takes control of the people around Sammy. I have an idea about this voice; I think it’s Zak Sally. It’s Zak Sally talking to his creations, creations that have come to life and are able to live almost without Sally. When we first see Sammy he’s doing nothing, and would probably continue to do nothing until nudged into action. That nudge comes from the voice from the sky. I think that’s Sally talking to his creation while moving the story and certain plots forward.”

He also praises the books for “great characterization, darkly-humored dialogue, masterful pacing, and Sally’s almost immaculate ability to time his jokes.” Read the rest of the article here!


Zak Sally Talks With Dylan Williams

We never got around to posting this great video of Zak Sally (Sammy the Mouse 1 & 2) and talking to the late & great Dylan Williams. They discuss things like running your own press, touring, teaching, and more! Not to be missed!

Zak Sally digs up the history of La Mano

Over at his blog Zak Sally started a series of posts on the history of La Mano! It’s seriously compulsive reading! Here’s his first encounter with a printing press:

what happened, eventually, was that i found myself in the Bay Area of california, with fuck-all. my pal Spanky had moved out there from minneapolis and was living in a punk house. and i took over his room for a while, then got in on an open space in an east oakland punk rock ware house (Blake from Jawbreaker had vacated his room, and a 16-year old kid named Derek– who would end up being in the Murder City Devils, Cave Singers, and a bunch of other stuff–had just moved in. Jux and Deb and ah hell i forget who else lived there. Paul Lee? anyway.) i put out a toxic mini comic called “BENZENE” and a couple minis, and then found a room in a garage (where i got scabies TWICE); somewhere in there, Jux had purchased a printing press that he was going to teach himself to use (he was OLD, back then–35!!). i immediately called him and said “let me be your apprentice; show me how to use this thing and i’ll work for you for free.”. he said “sure!”. i don’t even remember what kind of press it was, now, but one night i went down to the old warehouse while the thing was running, and after hanging out for a couple hours and being 100% bewildered while he explained and showed me how the thing worked (and also probably kind of drunk), i decided “jesus. there’s no way i could ever run one of these things.

And there’s so much more! Check it out, and when you’re done head over to check out his newest work: Sammy The Mouse 1 + 2 (out now from Uncivilized Books!). Better yet, get it from Zak himself on his La Mano site!