Sweet Little Cunt

New York Times Can’t Say: Sweet Little C**t

Here’s a fun new story. The New York Times recently ran an excellent profile on Julie Doucet regarding her recent Grand Prix award at the Angouléme festival. Our Eisner Award-winning book Sweet Little Cunt (written by Anne Elizabeth Moore) had a small mention… or we should say it was unmentionable:

“We have this great thing going on where she’s revisiting a narrative construct she’s created, but she’s doing so as a middle-aged woman, who’s not trying to misrepresent herself,” Anne Elizabeth Moore, who wrote a book about Doucet with an unprintable title, said in a phone interview. We don’t have many models for female comics creators who do that.”

The New York Times

We laughed! Read the whole article here. Sweet Little Cunt is currently on sale!

sweet little cunt: the graphic work of julie doucet

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