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Comics Manifesto: The Future is Now

When I started Uncivilized Books (back in 2011… it’s been 7 years!), I made this comics manifesto. I did it for a few reasons: first of all, to introduce the press to readers who are unfamiliar with it; furthermore, to help me think about what kind of comics Uncivilized Books should publish; and finally, to remind me of that mission.

Now, we have a new website (it’s been looooong time coming!), we moved to a new office not too long ago, and we’re at the start of a new season of books… we’re entering a new phase. Let’s reflect back on the beginnings of Uncivilized Books, to examine our ideals, ideas, identity, and all the things we set out to accomplish.

When I re-read our comics manifesto, I return… to the future of comics as I imagined it then. Now we’re here, in that future… the world has changed over the last 7 years. Let’s think about where we’re going next.

I plan to peel back the curtain a bit; to let you peek behind the scenes of Uncivilized Books (and Odod Books!)… warts and all. Tune in for essays, comics, news, analysis, and more from me, our staff, and the artists we publish.

Thank you for your time! Here’s to another seven years!

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