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Structures 67-78 by Sophia Foster-Dimino | utopian architectural fantasy

Sophia Foster-Dimino’s Structures 67-78 debuts today at CALA! Unlike many of the previous entries into the Structures series, this new installment is a treasury of the architecture of a lost world and a full-fledged comic-book! Take a look at this preview of Sophia Foster-Domino’s visionary utopian architectural fantasy.

Join Dr. Elgik’s 003 Level class on “Pre-Percolation Pre-Foundation” as they take a day trip to Sector VDQ-459 of the prefondatory strata. Tour Bridgehouses, prepercolative markets, aqueducts, Cactus Plaza, stairmaster’s shed, and many other wonders of the prefondatory non-networked penultiutopian world. Mysterious, textually dense, filled with unusual neologisms, Structures 67-78 bravely ventures into the rarefied world of utopian imagination.

Sector VDQ-459 structures range from immense and bizarre sculptures, to small cozy spaces for unusual occupations. World building in media like The Dispossessed and Final Fantasy, inspired Sophia Foster-Dimino’s exuberant compendium of fantastical sci-fi / fantasy architecture. The tongue-twister names of the various structures are certainly matched by their visual virtuosity. Structures 67-78 is feast for the eyes.

Sophia Foster-Domino builds a vision of lost world that may be our future. Check out this preview of her  visionary utopian architectural fantasy:

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