Spring 2019 Box | Uncivilized Books Subscription

We are delighted to announce the Uncivilized Books upcoming Spring 2019 season! Here are the new graphic novels we’re working on: 

  • Stonebreaker by Peter Wartman
  • Cannonball by Kelsey Wroten
  • A Book For Sad Pets by Kristin Tipping
  • Sky in Stereo Vol. 2 Mardou (with Revival House Press)

All books are also available for preorder and as a Spring Subscription Box (and a substantial discount!) More details below.

by Peter Wartman

Four years after saving her brother, Anya continues to explore the endless, twisting streets of the mystical city, Noridun. With the help of her friend Toris—the demon librarian—she hunts for a cure to her brother’s amnesia. Meanwhile a pair of mysterious strangers arrive in Anya’s home village. They have a plan that could change everything…! Stonebreaker is the much anticipated sequel to Peter Wartman’s ( artist of Avatar: The Last Airbender: Imbalance! ) acclaimed first graphic novel, Over the Wall. With stunning fantasy vistas, immersive world building, and fluid action-packed art, Stonebreaker cements Wartman’s status as a break-out new talent to watch out for.

by Kelsey Wroten

Kelsey Wroten’s Cannonball fires the reader straight into the messy life of Caroline Bertram: aspiring writer, queer, art school graduate, near alcoholic, and self proclaimed tortured genius. Wroten tells the story of an artist struggling with the arrival of adulthood and the Sisyphean task of artistic fulfillment. Stunningly drawn in a classic style, with big truths and biting wit, Wroten’s debut graphic novel is Art School Confidential for the Tumblr generation.

by Kristin Tipping

We love our pets, don’t we? A Book for Sad Pets is a beautifully illustrated encapsulation of just how fraught and emotional bond we have with our pets can get… but is it just about our pets? In just a few pages, with a few words, and a handful of illustrations, newcomer Kristen Tipping will take you on an emotional roller coaster and examines the promises of loyalty we make so casually. A perfect present for the pet owner in your life… or for your unrequited love.

By Mardou

In partnership with Revival House Press, we’re happy to bring Mardou’s return with the second volume of her critically acclaimed graphic novel, Sky in Stereo. In Volume 2, 17-year-old Iris’s LSD journey has ended behind the locked doors of a psychiatric ward. As she tries to make sense of hospital life and fellow patients, Iris is forced to confront her self while defiantly trying to find meaning and regain her freedom. With her usual visual flourish, Mardou takes the reader on a maze-like journey into the inner world of mental illness in this powerful and trippy coming-of-age story. 

My Dog Ivy*
By Gabrielle Bell

The latest missive from the fertile mind of one of America’s best cartoonists, Gabrielle Bell. When she enthusiastically answers a call to house sit a small Minnesota home for a month. Complete with 2 cats and a neurotic golden retriever named Ivy, the month long ‘vacation home’ proves to be a gargantuan responsibility. As she awkwardly attempts to fill into the void left by the pet owners, Gabrielle’s only salvation is the turbulent relationship forged with the dog Ivy. *It’s not her dog.

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