Public Statement/Apology Regarding Ginseng Roots

On the issue of the Ginseng Roots box cover image and the project in general:

Concerns have been voiced on Twitter over the preliminary cover image to our Ginseng Roots Box Set. Various parties on the internet called out the artist, Craig Thompson, over Orientalism present in the image.

The image chosen to preview the box set was not a good representation of the project as a whole. The image was a hurried early draft and it was generated at my request, to help promote the project. As such it was put together too quickly, without enough reflection about how it might be received and perceived. As the publisher, I take responsibility, and I apologize to everyone for this lapse in judgement and the hurt caused to our community.

We also understand that the cover image was not the only concern raised and we recognize these concerns as valid. I am reaching out to a lot of people, members of the community, listening to feedback, and conferring with other folks involved with Uncivilized. Please give us a little time to figure out an appropriate response.

We welcome further feedback, comments, suggestions, and questions from anyone interested in engaging with us. For convenience, please use the comments box below. We will listen to what you have to say.

Thank you for your time.


Tom K | Publisher

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