Bubbles Zine Reviews John Grund’s West

We were happy to see a nice review of John Grund’s West #1 in the great Bubbles zine! Here’s a small sliver of the review. Also, scroll down to order West #1 or preorder West #2, coming soon!

For 6 bucks you get 34 magazine pages of a science fiction heist. West takes place in a world where technology is replacing magic. A couple, along with their cat, are feeling the pressure from big-tech and decide to steal some expensive microchips to help their dire financial situation. […] It was pretty well-paced and has me ready for issue #2. The black and white art is drawn simply and the panels creatively keep the book moving forward. I hope to see more from Uncivilized in the floppy format, it’s a sight for sore eyes up next to a Wonder Woman comic.


Check out the Bubble zine. It’s one of the best comics-focused publications today.

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