Celebrating Uncivilized Eisner Nominees and Winners

In light of the recent Eisner Award nominations for Craig Thompson’s Ginseng Roots, we’d like to celebrate our past Eisner nominees and winners with a little sale.

Use code: UNCIV-EISNER to get a 20% off discount on our past nominees and winners:

Post York by James Romberger (2013, Best Single Issue or One-Shot) Set in New York City after the polar ice caps melt. A young man navigates the flooded city, looking for something, anything, anyone…to start again. Includes Flexi-Disc vinyl record.

Incidents in the Night; Book One, by David B. (2014, Best U.S. Edition of International Material) David B.’s (Epileptic, The Armed Garden) obsessive vision quest through the dusty and overflowing shelves of Paris’ legendary book shops in pursuit of a mysterious 19th Century journal: Incidents In the Night.

Dragon’s Breath and Other True Storiesby MariNaomi (2015, Best Reality-Based Work) (in collaboration with 2d Cloud) A collection of raw, emotionally honest stories, exploring a wide range of topics including youthful rebellion, mortality, disillusionment, and compassion.

Brighter Than You Think: Ten Short Works by Alan Moore, with essays by Marc Sobel (2017, Best Academic/Scholarly Work) Comic book critic Marc Sobel examines Alan Moore’s long career through the lens of short comics stories. This essential wide-ranging collection contains some of Alan Moore’s most difficult to find stories.

The Story of Jezebel, by Elijah Brubaker (2018, Best Graphic Album—New) Elijah Brubaker takes this biblical tale of murder, sex and madness and warps it through his darkly humorous lens. Brubaker winds his way through angels, famine, war, and bear mauling with a mix of satirist wit and visual verve. 

One Dirty Tree, by Noah Van Sciver (2019, Best Reality-Based Work) Growing up in a big, poor, Mormon family—surrounded by comic books, eight siblings, bathtubs full of dirty dishes—Noah’s childhood exerts a powerful force on his present-day relationship.

Sweet Little Cunt: The Graphic Work of Julie Doucet, by Anne Elizabeth Moore (2019, WINNER! Best Academic/Scholarly Work) WINNER! Considered one of the most influential women in American independent comics, Julie Doucet receives a full-length critical overview of her work.

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