Czap’s Fütchi Perf on Doom Rocket

A fantastic review of Kevin Czap’s Fütchi Perf popped up on the Doom Rocket website. The review praises Czap’s “radical softness” as a novel kind of utopianism. It’s a well-considered review that goes deep into exploring the themes and art of the book. Here are a couple of choice quotes:

What does utopian science fiction read like? Our go-to images of a perfect future are all from the past; we’re living in the years it envisioned and its promise has been reduced to memes about when double-decker tacos left the menu. What would utopia look like ten years from today? What if everything that could go right between now and then did? You could move with me to Cleveland, where things are perfect. The future of Kevin Czap’s dreams is a nice place to be. Say it like you mean it. Fütchi Perf.


The art is, to me, perfect. Zine art but more invested into process, fine art but less distance from the audience. Erica Henderson vivid and bold with a hint of Tradd Moore wiggle. Jillian Tamaki, Rosemary Valero-O’Connell, where YA and raw real gently commingle. Radical softness. The linework is all free: the weight of the strokes are wildly expressive, as are the people and places they depict, loose and vividly gestural. The effortless beauty of the perennial cartoonist, where the thoughts always come out part-words, part-pictures. 

Read the full review here.

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