2023 Uncivilized Graphic Novel Preview

We’re delighted with the books we are working on for 2023. It’s an incredible roster of talent doing the best work of their careers. I can’t wait to share their stories with you. Here are all the new Uncivilized graphic novels on deck for 2023. Damnation Diaries by Peter Rostovsky (May) Combining Dante, Douglas Adams, and Freud, […]

Uncivilized at SPX 2022

Small Press eXpo is upon us! We’ll be there all weekend (SEPTEMBER 17-18, 2022) with a big crew of artists. Find us at tables L1-2. Here’s the when and who will be signing at our table: SPX Panels with Uncivilized Artists SATURDAY 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm Glen Echo RoomPhysical Self-Care For Artists and Writers With Kriota […]

Uncivilized + Autoptic 2022

AUTOPTIC | au·​top·​tic | \ (ˈ)ȯ¦täptik \ Definition: based on one’s own observationEtymology: Greek autoptikos of an eyewitness, from aut- + optikos of sight Uncivilized Appearances The Autoptic Festival is almost here! This festival is close to our hearts; we’ve been attending it since its inception! Uncivilized will be taking part in three related events: […]

Origins of Autoptic

AUTOPTIC | au·​top·​tic | \ (ˈ)ȯ¦täptik \ Definition: based on one’s own observationEtymology: Greek autoptikos of an eyewitness, from aut- + optikos of sight Uncivilized is getting ready for the Autoptic Festival! This one is close to home in more ways than one. Sure, it’s physically close in Minneapolis. Travel is a cinch. But it […]

Matt Madden Interviewed by Book Love

There’s a great new interview with Matt Madden (Ex Libris) on Book Love. The interviewer asks straightforward open-ended questions, and Matt has all the space he needs to focus on the essential things in his work.  Early Days A few exciting tidbits stood out to me. Here’s a little bit on Matt’s early comics book […]

Draw Stronger by Kriota Willberg Reviewed on Comics Workbook

We missed this one somehow! Here’s an in-depth and complete review of Kriota Willberg’s Draw Stronger. It’s on Frank Santoro’s Comics Workbook site, which is a fount of great comics-related information and knowledge. In-Depth This review might be the most thorough review of Kriota’s book. It’s well presented and gets into the details. Here’s an […]

Publishers Weekly reviews Camilo Aguirre’s What Remains

Congratulations to Camilo Aguirre! Publishers Weekly reviewed his graphic novel, What Remains: Personal and Political Histories of Colombia! It’s Camilo’s first review, so that’s always special.  “Aguirre’s ambitious debut documents the terrors committed by the Colombian government over the past 75 years. The nation’s violent history is recounted in stories from guerrilla fighters, historians, unionists, and other […]

Bubbles Zine Reviews John Grund’s West

We were happy to see a nice review of John Grund’s West #1 in the great Bubbles zine! Here’s a small sliver of the review. Also, scroll down to order West #1 or preorder West #2, coming soon! For 6 bucks you get 34 magazine pages of a science fiction heist. West takes place in […]

SPOTLIGHT: What Remains by Camilo Aguirre

We’re excited to introduce you to Camilo Aguirre, the author of What Remains: Personal and Political Histories of Colombia, which will be coming in July. Enjoy a short Q&A with Camilo. Tell us about you! I am Camilo Aguirre. I am an artist from Colombia who studied his MFA in Minneapolis. I am very interested […]

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