Uncivilized Doomsday Plan

Quarantine Day 5

Our co-working office building closed its doors on yesterday (Tuesday 3.17). We had just completed our move to that space in late February. Now, less than a month later we had to move again. The news from China, Italy, and the rest of the world was growing increasingly dire. It was only a matter of time before the COVID-19 miasma would reach American shores and wreak havoc. Of course, we saw this coming. No company with ‘Uncivilized’ in its name, is without a post-apocalypse plan. As soon as the pandemic reached a predetermined threshold, operation ‘Cavernous’ was triggered.

Entrance to Uncivilized Doomsday Cave

For over a month we have been digging, excavating a large void; a cave if you will. Shelving and other equipment from our abandoned Assembly HQ were salvaged and installed inside. A portion of the stock transported and securely stored. Electricity has been routed from the washer and dryer to power a high capacity B&W laser printer, a scale, and a PC. The void is several feet underground. It’s cool and dark. A dehumidifier provides constant white noise; it soothes our panicked minds and removes moisture from the air. If we ever have to go into full lockdown, it will also provide a constant supply of water!

The Uncivilized doomsday plan is in motion. The cave/vault is not pretty, or complete, but like the proverbial Death Star, “it is fully operational.” As global supply chains crumble, we have a secure location, and are ready to ship orders, and produce samizdat publications. As long as the US Post Office continues to function and you continue to support our efforts, we will continue to ship.

Tom K

fully operational

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