On Press: Ginseng Roots 7 and Cartoon Dialectics 2

We recently reviewed the proofs for Ginseng Roots 7 by Craig Thompson and Cartoon Dialectics 2 by Tom Kaczynski. Both comics are due to arrive from the printer in a week or so.

We were able to score a leftover batch of Pantone 804 fluorescent ink for the cover of Cartoon Dialectics 2! It should be the perfect radioactive glow for the near-nihilistic content inside! (Featuring: Omniversity, Ransom Strange’s Eschatological Book Club, the Murti-Bing Pill, Trans Terra continued, polar bear maulings, extinction events, the first appearance in print of Aesthetic Education, and so much more! The first 200 orders get a signed print. First 50 get print + sticker!)

We’re awaiting copies of Ginseng Roots 7 any day now. The special bonus item this time is a mini-comic by Craig’s Brother Phil! It’s called Phil’s Big Book of Ginseng. The back-up feature is by a Hmong-American cartoonist Duachaka Her. More on this soon!

Below: Cartoon Dialectics 2 proofs and Craig inspects Ginseng Roots 7. I can’t wait to see how Cartoon Dialectics 2 fluorescent ink turns out!

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