Ex Libris by Matt Madden a Metafictional Master Class in Comics

Reviews are rolling in for Ex Libris by Matt Madden, and we’re thrilled to share a brand new starred review from Publishers Weekly!

“Cerebral self-referential humor abounds, with characters discussing their existence as cartoons and saying things like, “Am I doomed to live out my days in a para-narrative spatio-topical desert?” amid hat tips to Italo Calvino and Jorge Luis Borges. Madden calls attention brilliantly to the medium’s building blocks—elements like panel borders and sound effects—in a kind of comics theory course with the punch line of the protagonist declaring that “drawings have a greater power than words to get under your skin.” This endlessly inventive work is a metafictional master class in comics.”

Publishers Weekly

Check out the entire review here! And if you haven’t seen the previous starred review from Foreword Review, check it out here.

Slated to be released in October 2021, you can pre-order the book at our website.

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