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New York Times Reviews Matt Madden’s Ex Libris

We’re very excited to see a new review of Matt Madden’s Ex Libris in the New York Times! It’s a great review that really gets the special literary pleasures of Ex Libris’ labyrinthine structure. Here’s a short excerpt:

EX LIBRIS (Uncivilized, 105 pp., $29.95) is a work of purposeful sprawl. It’s an existential locked-room mystery — “Memento” with a bibliophilic twist — in which a dazed, nameless narrator tries to overcome his enigmatically dire impasse by looking for clues in the bookcase by the door. It’s a perfect vehicle for Madden’s talents and obsessions, allowing him to evoke an invisible library full of nonexistent titles — not just graphic novels (“Obedience: The First Memoir in Woodcuts”) but academic studies of the form (“Ph.D. Phunnies”) and obscure anthologies (“El Cómic Azteca”).

Ed Park, New York Times

Read the full review (which also includes Bridge (Kuš!) and Kikuo Johnson’s No One Else) here.

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