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2D Cloud interviews Retrofit Comics

Raighne Hogan from 2D Cloud has spent the last year interviewing various people from various North American micro-publishers, and his most recent installment features Box Brown and Jared Smith a.k.a. the Retrofit Comics guys.

This is a great interview, filled with honest answers about publishing small-press comic books. It’s both realistic as well as optimistic.

Box Brown: I would say all of the above, plus more. Noah Van Sciver and I were talking about the new rise in “headshops” with the legalization of weed and more common acceptance of it they’ve sprung up everywhere (way more places than comic shops). They used to sell comics, why not again? Comics is just gonna keep growing I think. Maybe that’s just my “youthful” optimism (I’m 34). Every year the scene seems to be growing and becoming more robust. We’ll continue to keep weaseling our way into readers hands (brains?) somehow.

Read the full interview here, and pre-order MariNaomi’s Dragon’s Breath and Other True Stories, our joint publishing project with 2D Cloud.

Dragon’s Breath reviewed for Publishers Weekly

Publishers Weekly ran a short write-up of MariNaomi’s new book, Dragon’s Breath and Other True Stories.

Award-winning author MariNaomi (Kiss and Tell) returns with this charming and intimate collection of vignettes and meatier personal histories … The mixed-bag effect of a whole life jumbled together lets the reader get to know the author much faster than in a traditional narrative.

Read the full review here. Pre-order Dragon’s Breath from our website.

It Never Happened Again, reviewed again and again!

Sam Alden’s latest, It Never Happened Again, has sealed even more reviews recently. First, Matt Derman from PopMatters wrote a nice feature on the book.

We worry about things that might not even happen and/or plan for things that are completely out of our control, when we should be soaking up whatever is right in front of us. Because even if it’s dull, mundane, or meaningless, it’s precious and it matters and it’ll never happen again.

Read Matt’s full thoughts here. You should also check out Matt’s blog, which he frequently updates.

Someone from guttergeek penned a nice piece as well on the title, zeroing in on Sam’s current popularity.

“Anime,” his best work to date, more than stands up to the considerable pressure a young cartoonist faces when declared “most likely” by his profession. This is a volume, and a cartoonist, that in every way lives up to those expectations and sets us up for beautiful things to come.

Read the full review here. Also, order Sam’s book if you haven’t yet. And he’ll be at SPX this weekend, if you’re there.

Uncivilized SPX

Publisher Tom K. interviewed for OFF LIFE

The UK comics magazine OFF LIFE interviewed Uncivilized Publisher Tom K. for its blog a few weeks back. It’s a brief interview, but it gives the general reader a good idea of who we are and what we’re up to.

Comics and publishing were always intertwined in my practice as an artist. One of the first comics I drew as a child even had a cover, a price, a logo and indicia!  Since comics started to be a bigger part of the broader book world over a decade ago, I wondered why there weren’t more little comic publishers with ‘book-world’ distribution.

In the end I decided to start one. I should add that working with Gabrielle Bell was a key to that decision. Without her amazing work it would’ve been a lot harder to kick something like this off.

Read the full interview here, and check out OFF LIFE. They publish and discuss a large and interesting variety of work.

Dragon’s Breath tour announced!

MariNaomi will support Dragon’s Breath and Other True Stories, her new book, with big book tour. It kicks off this Friday at Big Planet Comics in College Park, MD.

You can also catch her at the Small Press Expo this weekend and pick up a signed copy of the book (which is good!). Dragon’s Breath is a co-publishing venture between us (Uncivilized Books) and 2D Cloud, our fellow Minneapolis micro-publisher.

Visit 2D Cloud’s site for the full tour dates. Preorder MariNaomi’s new book on our website.

Patrick Kyle’s Distance Mover reviewed

James Kaplan reviewed Patrick Kyle’s upcoming Distance Mover for Panel Patter. The book will be published by Koyama Press, and it will debut at the Small Press Expo Sept. 13-14th.

This is an entertaining, interesting science-fiction story, in the tradition of Dr. Who and other stories about advanced being traveling from world to world (or place to place) …

Read the full review here.

We recently published Patrick’s contribution to our Structures series, which you can order here.

Fall 2014 Books and Subscription

We’re happy to announce the Fall 2014 books and subscription. This season we have 3 new books: Incidents in the Night Book 2 by David B., Dragon’s Breath and Other True Stories by MariNaomi and the hugely anticipated Eel Mansions by Derek Van Gieson. The subscription is $55 (almost 20% off cover price!) + free shipping.

PLUS, as tradition dictates, the first 50 subscribers will also get 3 free mini-comics! We don’t know what they’ll be yet, but you know we make great minis!

Get your subscription here and find out more about the books here.

Pre-order Sam Alden’s Frontier #5

The talented Sam Alden wrote and drew a new story for Frontier #5, the latest issue of Youth in Decline‘s ongoing monograph series. The cover is above. A description resides below.

This issue includes a new 36-page comic, which deals with family legacies, summer vacation, and sinkholes. 2 colors printed on Risograph.

You can pre-order the book here. It will debut at SPX.

Joann Sfar’s Pascin mentioned in Minneapolis Star Tribune

Last Friday, Claude Peck of the Minneapolis Star Tribune wrote a short blurb, previewing our October release of Joann Sfar’s Pascin.

Wine, women and paint defined artist Jules Pascin, whose Bohemian passion flamed out when he committed suicide in Paris in 1930, at age 45. Born in Bulgaria to a Spanish father and an Italian Serbian mother, Pascin traveled in the American South before settling in Paris, where his free-love, heavy-drinking lifestyle earned him the title “Prince of Montparnasse.” Pascin’s life, which seems to have included bedding many of his models, comes vividly alive in the graphic novel …

Read the whole blurb here. Pre-order Pascin from our website.